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Congressional bloggers?

by henrycopeland
Thursday, August 22nd, 2002

Tara Sue Grubb, 26, is being hailed as the “first congressional candidate with a weblog.” She doesn’t offer a bio and doesn’t like linking, whether to other ideas or other community organizations or individuals. She doesn’t mention her opponent by name. And she writes things like “Prudent followership in a leader yields prudent leadership for the people.”

Well, we’ve got to start somewhere, I guess. I like the boldness of Dave Winer’s claim that “in five years every member of the US House will have a weblog and will be communicating directly with the electorate.” That may be true. But Dave doesn’t state the corollary: 98% of Congress will be new before every member blogs. These old dogs just won’t blog, or at least do it naturally enough to convince the public. Furthermore, the political infrastructure that manufactures Congressmen also will have to be junked/rewired.

Building new markets takes decades. (See prior post.) Unless armed with guillotines or AK40s, revolutions are the same.

(8/26/02: Dave has worked up a new site that includes a blogroll to Grubb’s opponent.)

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