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Two’s company, 250 is a…

by henrycopeland
Friday, September 6th, 2002

Ray Ozzie looks at the way his Groove groupware is being used. “Approximately 35% of shared spaces are between a single pair of individuals, 60% of shared spaces are between 3 and 25 individuals, and 5% of shared spaces have more than 25 individuals. Amazingly to me – given the design center of the UI – I found that within this 5% there are actually hundreds of spaces with 100-250 members each; I’d surely never have expected this. One other incredibly fascinating tidbit: 25% apparently use shared spaces with only themselves as a member, using Groove as a ‘briefcase’ to transparently and securely synchronize files across multiple computers that they own – e.g. Office documents being synchronized between home and office PCs.” (Fun stuff, but shouldn’t these percentages = 100?)

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