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by henrycopeland
Wednesday, September 25th, 2002

Wordsmith and newly syndicated author Ken Layne describes the article syndication Internet service run by Featurewell. “There are some 800 writers – Jimmy Breslin, Eric Alterman, Catherine Dunn, Christopher Hitchens and Andrei Codrescu, to name a few – who use Featurewell to sell their work again and again to the 900 editors signed up with the service. Wallis has a reputation as a fierce defender of free-lancers’ rights, and this combined with his record of actually getting the money from publishers to journalists makes Featurewell a friendly place for an impressive roster of writers.” Correspondent.com, one of Pressflex‘s publishing clients, offers a parallel service focused on Europe. And I know Red Dot provides an Internet-managed photo syndication service from Budapest.

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