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Internet World ‘pathetic’

by henrycopeland
Thursday, October 3rd, 2002

After visiting the Jeff Jarvis writes: Internet World trade show yesterday, “This year’s show is only a quarter the size of last year’s. It is pathetic. It is a physical embodiment of the word ‘nevermind.’ The show can’t even fill one room. AOL has the biggest booth and it is small; Real and Sprint are there; Microsoft has a small booth just so they can say they have one; Yahoo has a booth smaller than a Silicon Valley cubicle.”

Ironically, the show’s tagline, “Grow Your Revenue and Operate More Efficiently through Internet Technology” has never been truer than today. It’s just that the companies who best benefit from the Internet are too new or small or cheap to pony up for a ticket at the “low price” of $995 and are instead busy learning online.

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