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ASAP RIP: Goliath fails to eat David’s lunch

by henrycopeland
Friday, October 4th, 2002

Forbes shuts ASAP, its 10-year-old print and web magazine about the digital economy. “There is no market for a dedicated new-economy publication,” says a spokeswoman.

I guess that depends on how you define the words “market” and “publication.” Yes, it may be uneconomical to cover the digital “As Soon As Possible” economy in a quarterly print publication. And if by “market” you mean $500 million a year, yes, that doesn’t exist today.

In fact, “dedicated new economy publications” like 80211b, Tom’s Hardware Guide, Slashdot and The Register seem to be doing OK. Perhaps the truth about the nimble digital economy is best reported by nimble digital Davids, not lumbering print Goliaths.

Ironically, ASAP’s last issue includes an article by blogger Greg Beato quoting the operator of, a site which more than covers its expenses of $30-40,000 a month through membership and sponsorship fees. “Eventually, small guys like us are going to prove that you can make money doing this…”

I hope ASAP’s eight laid off staffers can find themselves a home where they belong: on the Internet.

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