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Sullivan bemoans his powerful e-poverty

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, October 16th, 2002

Thinking about blogonomics, Andrew Sullivan writes: “I wonder if there’s ever been a technological innovation that has combined such extraordinary new power with such dramatically poor financial rewards.” (Via Nick Denton.)

Hang in there Andrew. There were only 160 years between the invention of the movable type printing press and the genesis of the newspaper. Actually, our early experience suggests should make $500-1500 a month selling Blogads.

Sullivan notes that the’s readership has leapfrogged over print circulation and credits this interview. (I’ll confess that this is my first appearance in The Sunday Times of London.)

It is interesting to note that even with the traffic factoid’s appearance in the Sunday Times, the information still doesn’t show up in Noogle. OK, another search suggests that the Sunday Times is not indexed in Noogle.

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