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Pierce to LAT: hire me!

by henrycopeland
Thursday, October 31st, 2002

Noting that “i would have loved to read Royko several times a day, and at night, and on the weekends even if he just wrote a little blurb on a sunday night saying ‘i just watched the sopranos. wtf was that?'” Tony Pierce suggests the LATimes hire him as its resident blogger. He writes: “imagine what would happen if readers from around the world finally had a chance to see los angeles, the city of their dreams, through a tiny little window of happiness and love. and sarcasm. and celebrity interviews. and photo essays. via a young single man who takes a bus to work who finally was given a break by his hometown paper. i bet you in a month i could get 1,000 links and the entire web will be abuzz from the groundbreaking move the LA Times made by signing up one of the web’s most loved and innovative and creative bloggers.” (Via Amy Langfield.)

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