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NewYorkCityBlog: event listings with personality

by henrycopeland
Monday, December 2nd, 2002

John Hiler launches the NewYorkCityBlog. The site and e-newsletter focus (initially) on event listings for cinema, book readings and talks.

Looking at a listing in The New Yorker, John writes “It’s informative and useful, like most listings… but where’s the personality?! Here at Cityblogs, we get a little more fired up about good movies. Our dedicated cinema blogger (that would be me) would DEMAND that the reader race to the Sunshine to see Brooklynite Tony Manero win over Stephanie Mangano on the disco dance floor. I mean, how often do you get the chance to catch Saturday Night Fever in Dolby Stereo and on the big screen?”

John and I’ve talked at length about CityBlog’s new angle on blog advertising, but I’ll save my two cents until he’s announced his angle. In the meantime, I’ve bookmarked the site and signed up for the newsletter.

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