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Popdex joins the fray

by henrycopeland
Sunday, December 8th, 2002

Welcome to Popdex, the newest contender in the continent being explored by Daypop and Blogdex.

Popdex’s template, like its name, shares many elements with Blogdex. But, proving that it is never too late to tweak a good idea, Popdex emphasizes tiny but helpful info-nuggets like the total number of sites crawled (10,693) and unique links (317,676).

As of 9AM EST Sunday, Blogdex’s #1 URL has 22 links, Popdex’s has 25 and Daypop is tops with 44.

Although the site includes a first person blog, there’s no “about us” or person’s name attached to the site. The fantastic URL was only registered days ago by this similarly anonymous company.

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