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Goliath lashes out at digital Davids

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

Attempting to disparage free online business publications, WSJ.com has constructed a garish straw-site called Biz-o-rama and built a television and web ad campaign skewering the “publication,” reports Internet News. (Via MarketingFix.)

With the era of VC-funded loss-gushing online competitors as dead as the Millennium bug, this campaign seems to be from the last war, one the Journal already won.

Or is it prescient? Could WSJ.com be worried now that Mindles Dreck has joined forces with Jane Galt? BTW, if you can’t afford to drop a couple grand on a WSJ.com ad, why not spend $30 for a month’s exposure on JaneGalt.net?

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