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New from Budapest…

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, December 18th, 2002

Two new blogs of note. Steve Carlson has turned his august mailing list for NowEurope into a genuine blog with permalinks and comments. On top of it, Steve has attracted some good contributors including entrepreneur Miljenko Horvat and marketing genius Olivier Travers.

And Carlson has launched The Digital Entrepreneur, a site aimed at a) providing lots of insight for digital entrepreneurs and b) making affiliate commissions on tools aimed at those entrepreneurs. I’d suggest that Steve may want to reitterate what tools he’s selling, since visitors will get turned off if they think he’s just fronting. But this is a quibble and I’m Steve will find the right balance.

To kick launch the site, Steve has a good article on how he’s used search engine demand to create his business. In coming years we’ll see lots more businesses built from the ground up specifically to serve the weird and giant markets that only exist online. And, like apes that don’t understand what an opposable thumb is good for, businesses built offline won’t ever know what hit ’em.

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