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More proof things are (not) changing at NYTimes…

by henrycopeland
Monday, December 30th, 2002

The New York Times impressive sounding roundup of business trends called The Balance of Media Power Is Poised to Change. The FCC, Cable news, Satellite TV, TiVo, ViaCom, sexy magazines, EMI, newspaper profits… but no blogs. No mention of the media that is growing 200%+ a year, the media that unseated the Senate Majority leader, the media that helped shame the New York Times’ own editor into publishing columns that contradicted his campaign against Augusta country club. Ahh. Yes. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. As Mickie Kaus noted at the Yale blogging symposium, the New York Times wants a journalist to pen a hit piece on blogger triumphalism.

In constrast, the Washington Post is not in denial. Wrapping 2002, Cynthia Webb writes: “Blogs, or online Web logs of news and views, were the hot story of 2002, the year when blogging caught the eye of the mainstream press in a big way and pundits began to recognize blogs as useful tools for everything from venting about politics to raving about a favorite band.” (Via Hylton Joliffe.)

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