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Deflation accelerates…

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

Core prices for businesses fell 0.4% last year, with a particular sag in the fourth quarter, reports CNN. “Excluding volatile food and energy prices, ‘core’ PPI fell 0.3 percent [in December] after falling a revised 0.3 percent in November.”

To beat my old drum: Pop historians usually start a new decade a few years after the calendar. If The Sixties started in 1963 with the Beatles and the Pill, will the 00s open in 2003 with closed wallets and free 64 MB memory cards? If the nineties roared like the twenties, will the 00s now sink, tumble, flounder, flush and drizzle like the thirties? If so, nothing but cash will be worth more tomorrow.

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