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LAX in the flesh

by henrycopeland
Friday, February 7th, 2003

I trudged out through six inches of snow just before lunch to retrieve the mail and got a nice surprise: the prototype for the Los Angeles Examiner, still toasty after its flight from the coast. What a buzz to hold this thing, this bastard spawn of blogs and print.

My favorite line comes in a story about waiting in line to get into trendy LA nightspots. “This embarrassing sidewalk is the Majave Desert and her clipboard is the only canteen of water for miles.” The comment from Nick Yulico on this page on the LAExaminer blog turned into the “Angelenos are Pansies” letter to the editor. On the Nuptials page — my favorite spot in most papers — we read about the not-so-recent union of Angelenos Emmanuelle Richard and Matt Welch.

I look forward to reading lots more of the gab, grub and grab of LA life as reported by the guys the Economist calls “Messrs. Layne and Welch.”

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