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A friend writes about Glogger…

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

A friend writes:

A couple of thoughts occurred to me on the Google/Pyra deal. I think it’s good all around, having been to the Googleplex a couple of times and worked with them on XXX. They’re great people, and yes, the food really is that

Firstly, I understand they’re in the runup to their IPO. They have a good cash position and are looking to generate interest. Wouldn’t that mean more purchases of smaller companies at fire-sale prices are on the way? The really interesting question is, who’s around that would make sense for them really?

A while ago I saw something in E&P a couple of weeks ago about their ability – if they wanted to – to turn Google News into a huge aggregator and paid content mediator.

In this way, a Pyra tie-up would give them a leg up on spotting the new “hubs” as you call ’em.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Winer’s talking to one of the SOAP players. Maybe Microsoft themselves?

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