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The trajectory to know-where

by henrycopeland
Monday, February 24th, 2003

A reader asks: “You have a book in the works on some of this stuff? 🙂 Just the sense I get'”

No book. I’m generally unable to think in patches of more than 1000 words. I wrote a senior essay in college that resurrected Darwin’s Christian credentials by re-uniting his language with its then-current theological context… and the damn thing mutated into an attempt to overturn the reigning theory of intellectual history… and nearly killed me. I was right, but history will never know it. I’m a sprinter and can’t stick to an outline for more than a week. That said, I’m amazed to find that blogging is helping me churn out patches of text that might be woven together into something larger… micro-competitors versus behemoths, the network as the new publisher, disintermediation, intraction… oh no, better stop.

I’ll stick to service-building and blog-storming. The force of competition, investors, colleagues and clients keep me tethered to a trajectory… even if it isn’t yet clear exactly where that is.

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