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Nice words for blog advertising

by henrycopeland
Thursday, May 8th, 2003

Ken Layne, my favorite writer in Reno and the rest of the western hemisphere, gave Blogads a fine plug yesterday.

And speaking of testimonials, here’s the one Ken mentions:

I like the Blogads; I’m getting a better click-thru rate on them than I had on BCentral banner ads, for the most part. At least, more people are actually BUYING my books after clicking through. I really wanted to focus to a narrow market, especially L.A.-based media. I know the big money in writing is having movie options on your book. (I’ve optioned one already), not selling books. So if I can just break even in sales, but expose the books to people who can get me into the movie-making machine, that is what I’m after. I can’t get that with the rather broad dispersal in banner advertising.

David Kilpatrick
Author LA Stalker

David later bought an additional ad on Moxie and wrote me to add “Getting good results on that Moxie ad…”

All of which makes me wonder — is there any place better than a blog for advertising a book? And you don’t need to be Random House to afford Blogads…

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