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Blogtalk on passion and hubness

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

I’ve gotten some helpful reactions from friends who have previewed my presentation for Blogtalk in Vienna next week. If you’d like to take a peek and a poke, drop me a line and I’ll send you the current draft.

The abstract: Unbridled media proliferation poses a perverse challenge for traditional advertisers: ad space becomes free but ineffective. Blogs, offering unique passion and hubness, may save advertisers. Passion: blogs command reader loyalty far greater than that inspired by traditional media and corporate online publishers. Hubness: network theory suggests that advertisers should, rather than blanketing entire demographic cohorts, seek out influential individuals ‘ and these folks are increasingly bloggers — who serve as network hubs. Finally, I review emerging tools that might make the metrics of passion and hubness tangible.

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