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ICQ from a train in eastern Hungary

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003

Just got had this ICQ exchange with Csaba, a colleague currently on a train east of Budapest:

Csab (2:42 PM) : hi henry
henry (2:42 PM) : howdie Csaba!
Csab (2:42 PM) : just logged in very quickly to notify you, that first page (top 3) is done.
henry (2:43 PM) : wonderful.
Csab (2:43 PM) : just programmed it during my trip to home (Edeleny)
henry (2:43 PM) : cool.
Csab (2:43 PM) : needs a little more testing but seems good so far.
henry (2:44 PM) : fun feature. do you want me to test, or wait til tomorrow?
Csab (2:44 PM) : i need to hook the refresh of ad data to somewhere but other than that it’s done.
Csab (2:44 PM) : haven’t uploaded yet. still on the train.
henry (2:45 PM) : wow. extra cool. so this is via your cell phone?
Csab (2:45 PM) : (mobile office, gprs, laptop etc… having fun)
Csab (2:45 PM) : yupp
Csab (2:45 PM) : pretty impressive, huh?
Csab (2:45 PM) : 😉
henry (2:45 PM) : yes. i’m going to blog it.
Csab (2:46 PM) : cool. i’ll be part of history then… 😉
henry (2:46 PM) : and you can read about it tomorrow, hearing the echo of your own shout.
Csab (2:47 PM) : great!
Csab (2:47 PM) : well, i need to log off now, because destination comes…
henry (2:47 PM) : Say hi to the conductor for me.
Csab (2:48 PM) : 🙂 i will.

I should note that my colleagues in Budapest have far better gadgets than I do. Csaba has his wafer thin notebook. Tamas has been going wild making GPRS maps of his jogging routes. He made me walk around the block with him in Vienna just to map our neighborhood. But, ICQ by mobile phone is the weirdest/unwiredest thing I’ve seen this week. By the way, here’s a picture of Edeleny.

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