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The politics of blogging…

by henrycopeland
Friday, June 6th, 2003

Here’s an interesting map of blogdom politics. (Via Jeff Jarvis.) We really need three or four dimensions to capture all the different axis of opinion, but this is a good start for now. And it is just a start.

Mark my words: blogs are going to drive the next presidential election. Bloggers will publish leaks the traditional news (or even Matt Drudge) won’t touch and will be knawing on particular factoids or angles long before and after traditional press. Smart insiders will secretly read, publish and/or stoke blogs. The press will quote blog pundits. Bush may mutter the b word. Blog readers, themselves articulate early adopters who are influential in their own communities, will be influenced by the blogs they read. Traffic will double (again!) for Instapundit, Talking Points Memo,Atrios, Andrew Sullivan, Daily Kos, Jane Galt, Matt Welch

And mark these words too: mapping blog networks will transform marketing. Most people look to their peers for guidance before making most decisions. Blogging creates new peer groups, empowers or revives old ones. Blogs and their entwined links tendrils let marketers map peer groups. A new science of opinion is itching to be born. The coming election will make this explicit.

Wake up guys.

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