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Spamless joy

by henrycopeland
Saturday, June 7th, 2003

Slurppppppp 🙂 … F R E E ink for your printer!… Get the Credit You Deserve… Las Vegas Vacation Blowout!… Smokers and Tobacco Users: Get Great Rates on Term… Better than Search Engines Placement… Someone wants to Meet YOU!… Open Your Very Own Dollar Store Now!… Great Deals! eBay – Find what you want… Police Auction Ends In 30 Minutes…

These are the first 10 spams (of 128) I didn’t have to download and delete this morning, thanks to the Messagefire service I signed up for via a Blogad last week. I’ll be visiting Pressflex newspaper clients in France next week and, for the first time in what seems like decades, won’t spend 92% of every session online deleting spam from my webmail account. More time to eat steak pommes frites, drink coffee and muse.

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