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Genius on the half-shell (and cheap)

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, July 9th, 2003

Ken Layne is now selling his new old album, 14 songs he recorded in the 1990s.

Since I know (marginally) more about business than music, I’ll first note that Ken has copied Dr. Frank and picked $8 as his pricing point. In this age of Internet marketing and infinite copiability, this price sounds far more reasonable than the $19.99 or whatever the pre-digital minded record industry folks still try to foist on us. Online purchases should be impulse buys… and to me $8 seems much more like an impulse buy (a big meal at McDonalds or a couple of pints at the local brewery) than $20, which is almost the cost of an entree at a nice (non-NY) restaurant.

If you scroll down his album page, you can read my mutterings about Ken’s musicianship. Buy one or two. How often do you get to own a nice durable chunk of genius for the price of dinner at McDs?

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