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Friendship offline and on

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

Kind words from friend Steve Locke. With Steve and Gina, we’ve stayed full of pizza and wine and laughter through Amherst’s bleak winter, no-show spring and glowing summer.

I’m convinced blogs will help us stay close, just as blogs have kept me happily in contact with wonderful people like Amy, Matt, Emmanuelle, Ken, Nick,Ben, Rick and Doug who I last lived close to a decade or so ago.

Pixels don’t beat proximity, but they can augment the heck out of it. Which reminds me I’ve got to post something soon about blogs as a personality prosthesis, a neat metaphor offered by Lee Barstow.

Hey, that reminds me it’s time for me to make my annual plea to college friends to each get a blog. OK, enough rambling. Back to work.

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