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Blogs ‘will disappear’

by henrycopeland
Friday, September 26th, 2003

Writes the New York Press: blogs “will disappear when some of the more high-profile bloggers’those who came up from nothing with a will to write, not those high-vis journos who slummed in the freeform’find jobs in the mainstream press, where they clearly thirst to be. Their sites will atrophy, and the left-behinders will become bitter, scream ‘sellout’ and lose interest. The blog is a dead form within two years.”

I wonder how writers like Josh Marshall, Jeff Jarvis, Ed Cone, Amy Langfield, Virginia Postrel, Megan McArdle, Andrew Sullivan, Matt Welch and Liz Spiers — “made” print journalists who also love to blog and have bigger audiences than many print magazine publishers — fit into the NYPress’s projection of “atrophying” blogs?

These bloggers don’t seem to be fading, but rather finding new joy (and scoops) in blogging. Speaking as someone who spent seven years in the trenches of journalism, I’d bet there are more journalists yearning for freedom beyond print than bloggers yearning for the corporate harness.

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