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Understanding agencies who ignore the web

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Mark Redetzke: “Plenty of traditional shops talk about media strategy and include the Web. More than you might think don’t ever talk about it (or if they do, they bring up interactive as window dressing only, then quickly move on). They’ve never done anything online. Why? It’s a self-perpetuating stalemate. They don’t have enough Web business to justify hiring experts. So they stick to what they know and don’t create strategies or campaigns that include meaningful Web components. Obviously, they never get enough web business to justify hiring subject matter experts. And the world passes them by. I blame this on the laziness that pervades most media departments. They work seasonally. Most don’t challenge themselves to learn more about a medium that currently penetrates nearly 70 percent of households. Shameful.”

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