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New server coming up…

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

OK, I’ve ordered a new server at Rackspace, with the help of salesman Freddie Garcia. (Call him and order something yourself at 800 961 2888 X 1418.) Rackspace promises 99.9999% uptime, which is, in our experience with other servers, what they deliver. The contract says “one business day,” but we hope to have something live by the end of today. Go Freddie go!

Update @ 10:10 PM Talked to Sarah at Rackspace, who says our server is in “final configuration and QC,” and should be “on the rack in the next hour.” (What a pleasure to be able to talk to intelligent people rather than waiting 24 hours for the second half of an incoherent e-mail.) So Tamas will be up early and configuring the new Rackspace server for pure unadulterated Blogads caching.

Some trivia: our servers are all named for birds. The faulty server was nicknamed magpie, after an orphaned bird Tamas adopted a few months ago (see photo.) That bird flew away, which Tamas now declares was a bad omen. So we’re going with an unflappable and high-flying name for this new server: condor.

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