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Can you top this?

by henrycopeland
Friday, November 21st, 2003

Paul Libman, the impressario behind Oy to the World, called up to tell me the impact of his blogad on TalkingPointsMemo on sales of his Klezmer Christmas CD. I took notes and confirmed them later with Paul:

“After my ad for Klezmer Christmas started running yesterday on TalkingPointsMemo, my traffic was up five or six fold. I was up late last night processing orders. This is fantastic. I think blogads are going to be much bigger than banners. You are able to so closely target the sensibility of the people you are advertising to. I just knew Josh’s audience would appreciate the humor of my album and I’ve been proven right.”

I hate to sound like an internet utopian, but this is one of those win/win/win/win/win situations. Paul Libman finds customers he could never affordably reach otherwise. Lots of shoppers will sleep easier having crossed a few names off their holiday gift lists. The gift recipients will have a (rye) laugh. Josh Marshall makes some money doing what he loves. And Blogads gets to pay for some of its new server. Oy to the world, indeed!


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