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Advertiser: ‘blogads are absolutely phenomenal’

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

Richard Luckett, who handles marketing for leftish vendor Agitproperties, has been one of our most creative advertisers, running a series of humorous ads on Atrios and now DailyKos. Richard called me up last night to rave about how well things are going. This morning he reprised his comments by e-mail:

Businesses and ad agencies that dismiss blogs and blog ads are nuts! Blogads are absolutely phenomenal. Compared with print ads we’ve run in the Village Voice, blogads target our exact demographic and give four times the ‘bang-for-buck.’ You are keeping our fulfillment guy extremely busy. Bloggers put us on the map and blogads are definitely keeping us there.

Advertisers should study Agitproperties’ strategy. Update your ad text and image often. Be cheeky. Be exhuberant. Use some html tags. Know your audience. Keep some pitches inside. And put your fulfillment guy on overtime.

Here are the components of the ad Richard is running today:

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