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Storming Davos

by henrycopeland
Sunday, December 7th, 2003

Dave Winer considers the agenda of CEO confab Davos:

“‘Will Mainstream Media Co-opt Blogs and the Internet?’ Giggle. They asked the question backwards. ‘Have blogs and the Internet already replaced Mainstream Media?’ For many, the answer is yes. Seems like the WEF is trying to tell their membership (large corps) what they want to hear. It’s up to you to not co-opt those cute little blogs. Heheh.”

My favorite publisher and blogger Jeff Jarvis nominates himself to speak. I second that nomination and nominate Josh Marshall and –why not? — myself. Marshall is an independent journalist using his blog to break news and make money. I’m helping advertisers bypass traditional media and connect with blog audiences — media’s most influential. Who else should go?

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