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‘Extremely pleased’ advertiser on Atrios and DailyKos

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Got this note, titled “Site Traffic Quadrupled OVERNITE: A Testimonial you will like” at 3AM from Richard Luckett, the creative Texan behind lefty paraphernalia-seller and publisher Agitproperties, about blogads he’s running on DailyKos and Atrios.

I wanted to get the word out about our new column written by an anonymous Army intelligence officer just back from Iraq and Afghanistan for two years. These ads were updated late Monday night. I was extremely pleased with the results. Feel free to use this info as you see fit. I even wrote the pitch for you. ; )


Here is Richard’s testimonial:

Agencies: are your clients’ shrinking ad dollars this well-placed in front of a pool of potential consumers virtually pre-screened to have an interest in what they are selling? These stats prove plainly that a small, inexpensive campaign of well-written and well-targeted blog ads can quadruple a site’s traffic (and potential sales) overnight.

Day before ‘The Trooper Speaks’ blog ads were posted:

Total Page Views for this date:289
Unique Visitors for this date:178
First Time Visitors:148
Returning Visitors:30
Average Page Views per Visitor:1.6
Average Page Views per Hour:12.0
Average Unique Visitors Per Hour:7.4

Day after ‘The Trooper Speaks’ blog ads were posted:

Total Page Views for this date:1,545
Unique Visitors for this date:743
First Time Visitors:695
Returning Visitors:48
Average Page Views per Visitor:2.1
Average Page Views per Hour:64.4
Average Unique Visitors Per Hour:31.0

Many Internet advertisers would not be ashamed to see results like that for an entire campaign, not just day one. As you may recall, Luckett has raved about blogads before, saying ads on blogs are four times as effective as ads in the Village Voice. I should note that it is not just blogs that drive Luckett’s success. His laser-sharp design and punchy copy are key. He also changes his creative every one to three days, sooner if an ad is dogging. Here’s the eye-grabbing graphic for the ad he mentions:


Here is the ad’s current text:

After two years in Afghanistan and Iraq, “Anonymous”, a U.S. Army Intelligence officer, speaks out weekly on what he saw and experienced. His sad, brave and poignant words should be required reading at CENTCOM. Read his new column exclusively at agitproperties.com, the home of the world-famous FAUX NEWS coffee mug, KIRK ANDERSON’S Got Allies? tee and our new COALITION OF THE BILLING tee. agitproperties.com – the truth starts here.

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