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Review of the Corvid’s Fought Down

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

This is a bad album. Bad for anyone who likes voices smooth as a baby’s bottom. Bad for those who don’t dream. Bad for anyone who doesn’t love the Stone’s Some Girls, the idea for which Jagger stole from Layne in an LA bar in 1992. Bad for those who are satisfied. Bad for those who hate music that tells stories… “did you know i slept in her bed, you were off in dublin, i’m an honest man, i did nothing you weren’t with her in the morning she was perfect, same girl you ignore, you came home mad about something, you don’t matter anymore.” Bad for folks who don’t mix their drinks or music… whiskey, country, beer, rock& redneck, gin & roll, oak-barrel-aged grunge. Bad for folks who don’t want to hear The Who sing Mel Tillis. Bad for people who don’t like a good time. Because, as the first song says, “you’re in for a good time, drop on by now, don’t be crying, the people are friendly, just wait and see all your drinks are free, you’re in for a good time…” Bad bad bad.

(I’ve given the album five stars in Amazon and submitted this review. Now we’ll see if Amazon has a sense of irony and lets the thing through their filters. If you are a bad person, click here to order your copy today. For those of you who don’t know me or the Corvids, you should know that we know each other. Yes, I’m biased. Look closely and you’ll find two Corvids in this 1992 article.)

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