Our local TV news covers blogging and advertising | Blogads

Our local TV news covers blogging and advertising

by henrycopeland
Friday, January 16th, 2004

You know blogging has hit some kind of cultural extreme when our local TV station, NBC17, does a story on the local angle on blogging. I hope they post the video, because it’s very funny to see the anchor raise his eyebrows when he first mentions the blog, “a kind of online diary,” and then segues to two 40-ish males raving about the idea. Yes, I got my 15 seconds of fame. The other guy in the spot is Todd Melet, who I introduced to blogging just a few months ago.

The reporter did a credible job of explaining blogs in 90 seconds. The blog I was scrolling through showing ads on was Atrios, although NBC didn’t show the URL. Funnily enough, the spot also did not mention the Blogads URL. Is is possible that our lead — “You need to woo the early adopters that traditional media can’t reach. You need to impress 100,000 opinion makers with a colorful pitch, not pester 100,000,000 nobodies with a soulless textad or banner” — hit a nerve?

Update Here’s the actual TV spot in a popup window.

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