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La network effect

by henrycopeland
Monday, January 26th, 2004

My buddy Matt Welch writes a long and empassioned plea for bloggers to start selling Blogads titled “Hey Bloggers — Especially You Popular Political Types — Why the Hell Don’t You Accept BlogAds?” He notes that he makes roughly 36 times more from Blogads than from his tipjar. And he makes a ringing call for an LA Blogad network:

The more participating blogs from Los Angeles, the easier it is for advertisers to make a useful, targeted group buy (and therefore pay me more money!). This also works for subjects — media, baseball analysis, DIY music, whatever. If Cathy Seipp and Nancy Rommelmann and Kevin Roderick would spend the five minutes necessary to join the BlogAds network, the SoCal/media BlogAd buy would be exponentially more attractive. I guess they don’t need any extra money’.

Now, we should get all those LA bloggers to point to this page with Los Angeles blog advertising venues.

BTW, I didn’t get to listen to the NPR’s “blogging of the president” show last night. Did any of the brilliant but self-effacing bloggers on the show mention that they sell the web’s cheapest-most-effective advertising… or is mentioning commerce Not Done on NRP?

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