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by henrycopeland
Saturday, March 6th, 2004

Something funny often happens on Friday afternoons.

Business ticks up a notch.

And, even better, I start hearing from folks scratching their heads about blogads. This happens most days, but I can always count on a good dose of brainstorming starting at 3PM Friday.

This afternoon, I talked to three different people in quick succession — an entrepreneur, a environmentalist and a campaign manager. The conversations were remarkably similar. What makes a good blogad? What’s a good landing page look like? What kind of impact — sales, buzz or zeitgeist nudging — might result from a good fusillade of blog advertising?

It’s really fun. Talking to smart, ambitious people about how blogs can help them reach national audiences — passionate, influential and affordable national audiences — is a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

But, what is it about Friday afternoon — starting at 3 and ending around 6PM — that makes it the witching hour for blog advertising? I really don’t know.

BTW, I started blogging late in the afternoon exactly two and half years ago.

And, before I forget it, here’s the new Harvard case study of the bloggers who upended Trent Lott in December 2002.

And you want to know something amazing? You can buy a week of advertising on the three blogs — Atrios, Instapundit and Talkingpoints — credited with rousting the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives… for $1000. Damn.

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