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by henrycopeland
Monday, April 12th, 2004

This morning’s inbox brings a raging testimonial from John Hlinko, founder of, a personals site for activists, and also creator of, which led the charge to get Wesley Clark into the presidential race.

We’ve advertised online before, but when we started using blogads — our traffic literally tripled overnight. Normal banner ads let you reach a mass audience, but blogads put you in front of Net ‘influentials’ — the people who love to dig deep into a subject, and tell others all about it. With blogads you don’t just get click-throughs, you create evangelists. The blogads for not only got massive click-throughs, the bloggers themselves started talking about on those same blogs — and on a number of others throughout the Web. You simply can’t get that kind of ‘amplification’ benefit with normal banner ads.

Mediapost magazine included Blogads in its roundup of new trends in online advertising.

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