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by henrycopeland
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

My favorite reading online these days is about the random minutia of people’s lives. Matt gives a bullet point rundown of last weekend in the car and motel. Steve gets ready to mow the lawn and plays with slotcar memories. Rick discovers a new hitch for his bike.

What minutia can I share here? Have set up a new wifi for the house. Steeling myself to buy a lawn mower. Reading lots of Simenon. Ordered a new laptop to replace the creaking hulk I currently hawl around: $1100 at Dell with a nice battery and some obligatory MS software. I’m looking forward to testing Vonage softphone — does anyone know whether it stands up to wifi? Finally, Pirates now 3/0. After a game and scrimmage Saturday, we spent an hour tossing the ball — grounders and popups — in the soft rain, getting ourselves and the ball nicely coated in red clay.

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