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10,000 reader responses and counting

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, May 18th, 2004

At 8:35, the 10,000th blog reader responded to our survey. The 10,000 reader came from Sean Bonner’s blog.

The 20 readers leading up to the 10,000th were sent by The Agitator, Hit&Run, Instapundit, E-Media Tidbits, Atrios, Washington Monthly, Joshua Claybourn, RogerLSimon, PoliticalWire, A Small Victory, Blackfive and Amy Langfield.

Some recent studies show that women surf more at night; men prowl by day. Perhaps that is why the male skew dropped overnight from 80.1 to 79.6%. The average testosterone of blog readers is still astonishing to me — the New York Times’ online readership skews only 56% male.

Anil Dash noted in Steve Outing’s comments yesterday that the survey “skewed heavily male because it was linked on some boyzone websites that aren’t very hospitable towards women. I bet that’ll change as the link disseminates. ” We’ll see what things look like when the dust settles. I’m still pretty surprised.

Some readers reported that survey pages 2 and 3 were taking minutes to load last night. I’m very sorry. I’ve contacted Surveymonkey’s support and hope this is something can be fixed, because I’d like to keep the survey running at least through the end of today.

To wrap up, thank you to the 10,000 blog readers who have been generous with your time and answers!

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