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World turned upside down

by henrycopeland
Monday, May 24th, 2004

When a White House operative code-named Deep Throat wanted to blow the whistle on CREEPiness in 1972, he had to arrange clandestine meetings with Woodward and Bernstein of the Washington Post.

In January 1998, the Monica Lewinsky story broke when proto-blogger Matt Drudge spilled the beans Newsweek had carefully gathered.

Now, Monica’s 21st century equivalent, a Hill staffer getting paid for sex by a Bush government agency appointee, told her story on her own blog,, detailing her lifestyle and budget. (I haven’t bothered linking the blog, since it has been taken down.)

And she’s got a blogging Boswell, Wonkette, who turned the spotlight on the shenanigans. Washington Post gossip columnist Richard Leiby
is playing catch-up on the story, but is covered in Wonkette’s dust.

See the photo of the two not-so-ingenue bloggers out for a drink Saturday night. Wonkette closes her post: “(P.S. Top that, Leiby.)”

PPS Top that, corporate press. The game is over when sources have blogs.

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