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More pieces in the puzzle

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Daniel Drezner surveys journalists who read certain weblogs and finds… that they read certain weblogs. More interesting than the list of blogs read is the list of journalists reading ’em.

Speaking of journalists reading weblogs, when Kathleen Pender interviewed me about Blogads for the San Fransisco Chronicle, she was almost giggling when she glimpsed how much money some bloggers now make. “$700 for an ad? Wow.”

I was busy last week in New York visiting current blog advertisers and calling on prospects. You can get a huge amount done with phone and IM, but, as one friend puts it, face2face is the ultimate in bandwidth. I used Starbucks/T-mobile as my mobile office and managed to stay reasonably on top of things.

Chatting with Jeff Jarvis at the New School’s personal democracy forum, I discovered that this sister Cindy was a preacher in my family’s church in the mid-seventies in Ohio. (Vis the forum, I’m not going to another event that has a panel on political blogging in which 3/4 of the panelists aren’t political bloggers.)

The week ended in New Haven at my 20th reunion. Who were all those middle-aged people? One friend’s teenage daughter told her pop that we were “a bunch of old farts talking about stupid shit.” Indeed.

We chewed on all sides of Iraqi war. As I walked among the halls and courtyards, many of them carved with rollcalls of the battlefields and casualties of World War I and II, I wondered: have any alumni of Yale — the alma mater of our two presidential candidates — died in Iraq?

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