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Blogging from Iran

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

Miklos’ sister Mona decided to go from Hungary to India by bus, train, camel and foot. She started blogging the journey and talked a women’s magazine in Hungary into paying her. Here’s her blog and a photo:

I asked Miklos for more details. He replied: “Mona is 28. 2 years ago she spent 4 months backpacking in Tibet, India and Nepal, including a one month of volunteering as an English teacher in a village she passed through during her hikes. She decided to go back to Asia again once she has saved up some money. She flew to Istanbul, and is planning to make it to Australia on the ground/sea. She has crossed Turkey, Iran and is almost out of Pakistan. (She is in Lahore.) Sometimes she travels alone, but she typically finds travelmates for various sections of the road on the Internet. Dress code: She wants to fit in somewhat, so she buys new clothes as she travels from one culture to the next. She is adopting the most liberal local style ‘ which typically means that her head is covered, but she does not need to wear a chador or a burka. However, in some places in Iran she had to wear a chador to go to religious sites. She borrowed one from the people she was staying with. A key accessory is a (fake) wedding ring. Despite this, every other day someone she speaks 3 sentences with asks her to marry him. She began doing a (password protected) blog on TravelPod from the get go. It is in Hungarian for her fan club back home. From Turkey she wrote every other day, from Iran, once a week, but from Pakistan she can get to an internet cafe only once in two weeks. Before Pakistan she had constant problems with keyboards. On the Turkish keyboard the ‘y’ replaces the ‘i’. So she kept wrytyng lyke thys. It is really too bad that her blog is in English, because both her stories and her style are excellent.”

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