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Blogads with bite

by henrycopeland
Friday, July 2nd, 2004

People ask: what’s an effective blogad look like? It’s hard to say. Kinda like asking, “what’s an effective pickup line?” It depends (folks say) on the situation, depends on the audience, depends on the product on sale, and often depends on luck.

Having said that, a sense of humor and a geniune sense of the blog audience makes a big difference. My bet is that this ad, which adopts a meme that ran on Atrios a couple of months back, is doing well:


As Glenn Reynolds told Farhad Manjoo in Salon a couple of weeks ago: “Now, anyone can be Jesse Helms. In the old days, you could take somebody like Jesse Helms or maybe Ted Kennedy and you could demonize them in order to raise money. With the Internet, you can hit any candidate and raise money by turning him into Jesse Helms for a small demographic.” Yep, that is one strategy.

Although I talked at length with Farhad, there was no mention of in Salon’s article, which dealt exclusively with ads bought through the site. I wonder.

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