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Blog advertising: New Yorker, WSJ, OJR and CNN

by henrycopeland
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

Mark Glaser sums up political internet advertising and blog advertising features prominently. He coins the phrase “blogging widow” which my wife will enjoy. And he gets a prime statistic from former Kerry CTO Sanford Dickert: the Kerry campaign made a three-fold return on its online buys.

Have any of your noticed The New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal advertising on blogs? It is flattering to bloggers to have two of America’s premiere publications courting their readers.

(A tangent: I’d love to see these guys use the technique that worked so well for — the latest cover with some headlines. Blog readers are news junkies and the best way to get them excited is to remind them just how cutting edge your product is. And the best way to do that, in the classic advice of writing teachers and editors, is to “don’t tell with adjectives, show with examples.”)

Finally, [url=]CBS Marketwatch’s Frank Barnako, an early and astute political blog maven, just mentioned to me that CNN will be pushing viewers to blogs during the convention. Damn, that could be great. Or not? Will blogs live up to the hype? Bloggers excel when they cast their flashlights into murky corners where flood-lights won’t fit — this convention will likely be fairly over-lit and shadowless.

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