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Republican convention advertising

by henrycopeland
Friday, August 27th, 2004

Buy ads from bloggers inside the R-convention here.

Buy ads from bloggers in the streets outside the R-convention here.

I know I’m missing people — drop me a line and let me know who.

BTW, having won my bet that bloggers would underperform orbital expectations in Boston, my bet is that we’re going to get some extraordinary, perhaps even fantastic, blogger reports from the trenches this time, particularly from the bloggers outside the convention. Bloggers do better outside the box, seeing angles and shadows those inside the glareful fishbowl can’t. Watch for Jerome Armstrong to get drunk with a Georgia delegate at the Old Towne Bar or for Karl Rove to trade barbs with Taegan Goddard and Jeralyn Merritt on the subway.

BTW, here’s Russell Shaw’s round up of D-convention blog advertising and R-convention blog adveritising.

Finally, note there’s a whole phalanx of blogads set to launch this weekend… ten, I think, spread across different packages of blogs. Although I see the prestige value to advertising during the convention, I’d be advertising next week — traffic post D-convention was higher than during, and September, given recent trends and the traditional post-August traffic bump, should be huuuuge.

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