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Ink on Blogads

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

Mediapost: “Blog Readership Up In ’04; Advertisers Not Sold.” John Montgomery, CEO of WPP Group’s mOne North America notes, “the blogs generating all the buzz are those that our clients think too risky to associate with.” Funnily enough, MediaPost’s fairly downbeat article has spawned more calls from ad agencies than the average.

And today’s Financial Times article “Niche appeal of the blogging business” gives blog advertising lots of positive ink, though I’m tagged as CEO of DailyKos. Richard Turner of TBS offers a good strategic overview of his “Vote Carrie” blogad campaign: “First, he says, it injected a note of levity into rather po-faced political blogs and exposed TBC to new audiences. Plus, he adds, the cutting-edge character of blogs can create a buzz akin to word-of-mouth; some of the medium’s techno-hipness can rub off on the product.”

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