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Iraqi bloggers in the cross-hairs

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Jeff Jarvis gives an outraged deconstruction of an article about Iraqi bloggers in today’s New York Times.

Square every criticism ever aimed at bloggers by the corporate press (the folks who write for bosses) and you might be able to describe the blithe arrogance and willful sloppiness in this story.

Here’s my personal angle: I met one of the brothers at the Harvard conference mentioned in the article. The two guys were visibly and increasingly distraught as naive Americans at the conference asked them “how do the terrorists relate to blogging?” The short answer obviously was: they kill bloggers, particularly those who get publicity in America.

These guys are genuine, and this article is another (and particularly) idiotic example of a traditional journalist (and her editors) not understanding that even (and especially) people not annointed by editors deserve a legitimate voice online.

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