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Sony buys bespoke blog

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

Nick Denton is doing a new bespoke blog for Sony called Lifehacker. (Bespoke is British for hand-sewn.) I’m amused to see Adage’s coverage of the story headlined “Sony pays $25,000 a month for Gawker blog” since this is exactly the number I geustimated on the record for reporter Kris Oser, extrapolating from average consumer electronics CPMs, Denton’s stirling reputation and other Gawker blog traffic. Chris tells me she got the number from somebody in the know.

The deal sets a great benchmark for companies who want to spend a LOT of money on blogs. Here at Blogads, without all the overhead of Gawker Inc and Black Ink, which arranged the deal, we’ll continue to offer a cheaper, grass roots alternative. Want to spend $15K a month (or $10.00) — visit our blog advertising for a taste or to gorge yourself on vibrant, already running blogs with passionate audiences. Or let Nick build you one for 25K! Given the fact that there’s currently $250 billion a year in US advertising, there’s still lots for us all to share.

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