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Denton innovates

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Some of the great fun of the blogging business is the way small shifts in perspective can open up a huge new avenue of opportunity. Most days you stare at a brick wall, but some days you take a small step forward or sideways and feel like you’ve turned onto the Champs Elysee. One long broad straight road lined with trees and lights. The way forward is obvious.

I think Nick Denton just stepped around one such corner. Standing in as editor of one of his publications, Nick says: “I’ll be checking, but I had another idea. If you’re using Wists, Delicious or Flickr, and you’re posting an item that might be good for Gridskipper, just add a gridskipper tag. I’ll be monitoring the feeds. Maybe we can even syndicate them to”

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