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by henrycopeland
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Just had lunch with Alex Macris, with whom we’ve done some business over the last year. He’s updated his agency’s website www.tapin.com which gives a pretty brilliant description of a certain slice of the folks advertisers are trying desperately to reach. Here’s a snippet:

Today’s young, digitally-savvy consumers have developed strong resistance to conventional advertising, even as they have become a favorite target of marketers worldwide. We call these consumers the NetSet’ ‘ and they are our audience.

NetSetters are off-beat contrarians who pride themselves on their innovation and individualism. They read Nietzsche, but watch cartoons. They work hard to differentiate themselves from the societal norm, but they do so in packs. They post their private thoughts and feelings into anonymous online journals to be read by the public. They hate being the target of advertising, but are always on the look-out for the ‘new-new thing.’

Macris just turned 30 and comes from an intense gaming background, as well as an unfortunate stint a law school in Boston. He’s among the handful of people I deal with who glimpse the future: advertising will have to engage rather than proposition consumers.

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