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Old media, old new media and latest new media

by henrycopeland
Monday, April 18th, 2005

Obsolescent media: LAT circ rev down more than 9% in Q1: Reuters:

Tribune said circulation revenue fell 9 percent in the first quarter, with the sharpest declines at Newsday and the L.A. Times. Company executives said in a conference call with analysts that they expects all of the company’s papers to report lower circulation when data for the six months ended in March are reported next month.
The L.A. Times’ circulation struggles have been triggered by factors such as a new federal law limiting telemarketing as well as a deliberate decision by the newspaper to cut back on bulk sales programs.

Without Newsday and the LAT, the numbers were down “only” 4%.

Old new media: raising money and hiring a programmer and salesman. In a game in which longevity, extremely patient investors, perfect staff synchronization and low overheads are key, I don’t envy San Francisco based Battelle. (Thank you Amy.)

New media from an old new media pro covered by old media: Markos Moulitsas’ sports blogs covered by the NYTimes. “I realized that blogs were really effective for partisan audiences. One of them is sports. Sports is huge – where you’ve got your Red Sox and Yankees situation – and religion is another,” said Mr. Moulitsas. “But in religion, people kill each other, so I decided I’d rather stay away from religion.”

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