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by henrycopeland
Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Jim Treacher came up with the word “we-dia” a few weeks to describe the weird p2p communications that are swamping corporate media.

Well here’s a prime example of wedia: the liberal blog advertising network, 44 of America’s biggest liberal blogs, all ads buyable on one web page. One million impressions a day. How many political page impressions does the Washington Post do each day? (Will some intrepid reporter dare to call publisher Cliff Sloan and ask?)

Introducing The liberal blogs advertising network.

As the liberal network’s description puts it: advertisers now get a unique opportunity to “reach the people who manufacture the liberal and progressive zeitgeist.”

Information that used to take a day or three to ascend one side of a corporate ladder (from source to journalist to editor) and then down the other (from layout to production to printing press to teamsters to newstand to coffee table) now passes directly from person to person in real time. Zappo. And networks like this let advertisers tap directly into that p2p mosh-pit… mainlining right into the beating heart of the zeitgeist.

To tally up: there’s NYC, Philly, TV, North Carolina, Economists, LA, food bloggers, New England arts, Evangalicals, baseball, gay and sports networks. (Yes, there’s a conservative network percolating.)

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